Counting Crows - St Robinson In His Cadillac Dream tab

St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream 
from: This Desert Life 

Here is the correct tab for a kick ass song

CAPO:  1st fret. 

INTRO:  G D C x2 

D        G         C 
Staring out of his window as the world rushes by 
D         G        C  
Arthur Robinson closes the glass and replies 
D           G         C 
"I dream of ballerinas and I don't know why 
D        G           C 
but I see Cadillacs  sailing" 

(same for verse 2) 


        G        D        C 
And the comet is coming between 
           G              D           C 
Me and the girl who could make it all clean 
                 G              D         C 
Out there in the shadow of the modern machine 
         G     D    C 
Walks St. Robinson in his Cadillac dream 

[The rest of the song follows the same pattern, quite simple really]
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