Course Of Nature - Could Ive Been tab

Tabbed by: SANDROK

Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb CHORDS:eb|------------0----3---------------|Bb|--------1h-------3-----1---------|Gb|------------2----0--------2------|Db|------------2----0-----------3---|Ab|------------0----x-----------3---|Eb|-----------------3----(1)--------|
Am G Fmaj7 Hammer on the B string. You have to listen to the record to get the rhythm. It's a very simple song but sounds great on acoustic. For the Fmaj7 chord use your thumb (1) On the low E strinG Am G Am G Could I've been something more than what I've become Fmaj7 E Really wonderful than some Am G Am G Then today I heard a sad, sad song I sang Fmaj7 And it was wonderful with pain E Fmaj7 E And stop believing and I started thinking Am G It could be my mind Am G That's got me all choked up inside Fmaj7 With thoughts of all those fears I hide E Fmaj7 E And I stop thinking how I start believing CHORUS: C G Am We could share our time that means nothing Fmaj7 If you aren't mine C G Am I knew you cared about me Fmaj7 E Am G Because people love to be loved too
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