Courtney Barnett – Aqua Profunda chords

[Intro] (x2)
D   B C C#

DI saw you in the lane next to me
AYou were doing freestyle, then you switched it around
To a little bit of backstroke
AI couldn't see underneath
DYour swimming cap, but it appeared that you had
ADark colored hair, maybe it was blonde for all I know
AI had goggles on
AThey were getting foggy
AI much prefer swimming to jogging
[Instrumental] (x2) D B C C# [Verse]
DI tried my very best to impress you
AHeld my breath longer than I normally do
AI was getting dizzy
My hair was wet and
DFelt my muscles burn, I took a tumble turn
For the worse, it's a curse
A AMy lack of athleticism, sunk like a stone
ALike a first owner's home loan
AWhen I came to, you and your towel were gone
[Outro] D B C C# (4x) A A D B C C# (3x) D
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