Courtney Marie Andrews – Only In My Mind chords

C  Em  F  Em
F  Em  Dm  G

[Verse 1]
Dm C Em In my mind there is a house
F EmIn a small forest grove
F EmMade of cherry logs and chimney smoke
Dm GIs always pouring from the stove
C EmIn my mind you're there sometimes
F EmDancing with a glass of wine
F EmLaughing as I come to join
Dm GYou in the dim living room light
F G CBut it is only in my mind
[Verse 2]
C EmIn my mind love was easy
F EmA dreamy happy ending
F EmFull of passion never fleeting
Dm GFull of feeling and surprise
C EmIn my mind love was unchanging
F EmEvery demand was worth meeting
F EmEvery bad day worth defeating
Dm GLove made every wrong seem right
F G CBut it was only in my mind
[Interlude] C Em F Em F Em Dm G [Verse 3]
C EmIn my mind you forgave me
F EmFor all of my mistakes
F EmFor being sad and selfish
Dm GFor the loneliness I create
C GIn my mind I got better
F EmI was more thoughtful of others
F EmNever judgmental or stubborn
Dm GAlways gracious giving and kind
F G CBut it was only in my mind
[Verse 4]
C EmIn my mind life was a road
F EmWithout any turns
F EmEvery chance was given
Dm GNo hard lessons to be learned
C EmIn my mind I had the answers
F EmEvery dream was within sight
F EmEvery heartache could be mended
Dm GHappiness came with time
F G C Cmaj7But it was only in my mind
F G CYes it was only in my mind
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