Courtney Patrick - Daddys Little Girl chords

Capo: 5th fret
I put this song to Taylor Swift's chords for "The Best Day", 
if it sounds familiar.

Verse 1:

G EmI'm four years old
Call dressed in princess clothes and
Dfake high heels
G EmI run and run
C Dred curls bouncing as I jump
in your arms
G EmI give you a kiss
Cand smear pink lip stick all
Dover your cheek
G Embut you don't mind
Ccause all the best kisses
Dcome from me
C DEven then I knew that
G Emno matter how big I got to be
C D that the spot on Daddy's knee
G Emwas made just for me
C Dand when everything went wrong
Gthat's exactly where
EmI wanted to be
Cand Daddy's Little Girl
D GI would always be
Verse 2:
G EmI'm 15 now
C D and come home crying after school
G Em you make me smile and tell me
C how all boys are
Dso uncool
G Em Cand you remind of how beautiful I am
D and how I don't need
G Em a boyfriend to make me
C Dhappy and as I sit down
on your knee you say Chorus:
C D I want you to know that no matter
G Emhow old you may be
C D This will always be your spot
G Emright here on my knee
C D and just know when things go wrong
G Emyou can always run to me
C cause Daddy's Little Girl
D Gyou'll always be
C D and even when I'm forty years old
G I'll still remember all that
Emyou've taught me
C D to go all the way and to be
G Emthe best that I can be
C Dand there's just one more thing
G Em that I'd like to thank you for greatly
C D and that is always reminding me.. that
C D time will pass by
G Embut no matter how old I may be
C D Gthat will always be my spot right there
Emon your knee
C D and every time something goes wrong
G Em you'll always be there for me
C cause Daddy's Little Girl
D EmI'll always be
Cyeah Daddy's Little Girl
D GI'll always be
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