Covenant – Invisible Silent chords

corrected the first version and well, yes, the original song is half a step lower, 
but i prefer it like this

Bm Em G A

BmI'm tricked by your smile
Emwant to be forgiven
Gwaiting for the battle
Aaching for belief.
Verse: ======
BmBut your answer is wrong
Emand my spirit is broken
Glike choirs in the winter
Asinging out of key.
Chorus (2x): ============
D A Bm I am silent - invisible to you
G Awhile I count the days gone by
D A Bm I am silent - invisible to you
G Awhile I shape the things to come
Interlude: ========== Bm Em G (D) A
Bm I try so hard to fight for an illusion
Emholding my breath, biting my tongue
G I try to cope, so give me a reason
D AI'm waiting for help.
Verse: ======
BmI'm trapped by my guilt
Emwant to be forgotten
G tired of the noise
Aaching for relief.
Verse: ======
BmBut my anger is gone
Emand my silence is golden
Glike fires on the water
Adrifting out of reach
Chorus (2x) ===========
Chorus (with F C Dm Bb C) ...===========================
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