Cowboy Junkies - This Street That Man This Life chords

This is my first tab.  Didn't see it on here so I figured it out.  Listen to the song if 
you want the picking pattern.  This also sounds pretty good strumming on an acoustic.
C AmThis street holds its secrets
C Amlike a cobra holds its kill
C AmThis street minds its business
C Amlike a jailer minds his jail
F GThat house there is haunted
C AmThat door's a portal to hell
F GThis street holds its secrets
C Amvery well
second verse same pattern That man wears his skin like a dancer wears her veils That man stalks his victims like a cancer stalks a cell That man's soul has left him his heart's as deadly as a rusty nail That man sheds his skin like a veil Bridge
Dm G C AmLord, you play a hard game, you know we follow every rule
C C/B F GThen you take the one thing we thought we'd never lose
Dm Am C FAll I ask is if she's with you please keep her warm and safe
F GAnd if it's in your power please purge the memory of this place
Third Verse same as others This life holds its secrets like a sea shell holds the sea, Soft and distant calling like a fading memory This life has its victories but its defeats tear so viciously This life holds its secrets like the sea The album version just fades on the C Am so just end it where you feel like. I usually end on a C.
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