Cowboy Junkies – 200 More Miles chords

FAtlanta's a distant memory
CMontgomery a recent blur
GAnd Tulsa burns on the desert floor
CLike a signal fire
FI got Willie on the radio
CA dozen things on my mind
GAnd number one is fleshing out
CThese dreams of mine
FI've got 200 more miles of rain asphalt and light
AmBefore I sleep
Dm But there'll be no warm sheets or welcoming arms
GTo fall into tonight
F CNashville there is a lighter in a case for all to see
G CIt speaks of dreams and heartaches left unsung
F And in the corner stands a guitar
CAnd lonesome words scrawled in a drunken hand
G I'm travelling paths travelled hard before
C And I'm beginning to understand
FThey say that I am crazy
C My life wasting on this road
GThat time will find my dreams
CScattered dead and cold
F But I heard there is a light
CDrawing me to reach an end
G And when I reach there, I'll turn back
CAnd you and I can begin again
CHORUS: 2x VERSE: Atlanta's a distant memory Montgomery a recent blur Tulsa burns on the desert floor like a signal fire.
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