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From Thu May  8 10:11:56 1997
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:11:41 -0600 (CST)
From: Pete Rasche 
To: olga 
Subject: CRD:"Running Into You" by Cowboy Mouth

"Running Into You" by Cowboy Mouth
>From the Domino/Monkey Hill album "Word Of Mouth"
Written by Paul Sanchez and Fred LeBlanc
Sung by Fred LeBlanc
F#=244322  E=02210x  B=x24442  A=x02220  D=xx0232  G=320030

Intro and first verse are the same chord progression of all verses,
but are just played on the bass (can use 5th and 6th strings of
guitar).  The guitar enters from the first chorus on.
The chords are: F#  E  B  F#

Note: The first F# bass note is actually a hammer-on ("--0h2--") sothe tab of the intro and first verse (5th and 6th strings) is:A|-------------------2-2-2---------|E|-0h2-2-2---0-0-0-----------2-2-2-|
Verses (second and third, with guitar) are just: F# E B F# In other places, seeing the ghost of your face F# E B F# It's even in the furniture that I bought for my brand new place F# E B F# I live in an apartment now but there's room enough for two CHORUS: F# E Try to run away but I keep runnin' F# B Try to run away but I keep runnin' F# E B Try to run away but I keep runnin' into you BRIDGE: A D Every time I see you now it A D feels like I'm pretending A D We could be together somehow G E lovers more than friends
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