Cowboy Mouth - Get Out Of My Way tab

chords: F5 G#5 B5 Bb5 C5e------------------b------------------G--------4---3---5-D-3--6---4---3---5-A-3--6---2---1---3-E-1--4-------------
intro: F F G# G# F it a buncha times. verse/chorus: F5 F5 G#5 G#5 F5 Don't give a damn what anybody thinks of what I do F5 F5 G#5 G#5 F5 I've got my share of shit and that ain't really nothing new F5 F5 G#5 G#5 F5 Don't hold me back cuz baby I can do without you, too C5 B5 Bb5 And I feel like I'm a livewire C5 B5 Bb5 My hands and feet are on fire F F G# G# F Get out of my way please rate. feedback always welcome.
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