Cracker - Sweet Potato chords

Verse I.

G Be my sweet potato.
G Be my honey lamb.
D Dance around the campfire,
G Hang around a while.
Verse II.
G Well, I been caught steelin',
G Someone else's vibe.
D Everybody loves or hates us,
G But we're still alive.
D Well we wake up in the morning,
D Cup of coffee, grab your bags.
G Jump into the Caddie,
G 'cause this tourin' ain't a drag.
D They were overrated, educated,
D I suppose a little jaded.
G When I get off this,
G I think I'm gonna have to be sedated...
G So be my sweet potato,
G I'll be your honey lamb.
D Give me some black tupelo,
G I been caught again. Shit!
Verse III.
G Went to New York City,
G But I came right back.
D Everyone was cool there,
G I couldn't get no slack.
Verse IV.
G You see me in the papers,
G You seen me in the voice,
D I think I'd stay in Dixie,
G If I had the choice.
(repeat chorus...)
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