Cracker – Movie Star tab

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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 14:04:08 -0600
From: Matt Stetler 
Subject: TAB:Movie Star by Cracker

Movie Star
by Cracker
tabbed by Matt Stetler

Verse 1: G Well, was a movie star C Well she crashed her car Dm Everyone said she was beautiful E Even with out her head C G Eveyone said she was dangerous Well, the chief of police Kept the crime off the streets Deep in his heart We all knew he felt differently We all knew he was an anarchist Chorus: Dm Well, I C G I'd like to devour, You Dm But you, C G You'd probally devour me Verse 2: For your golden wheat And your oat bran head Deep in my heart Girl you're a beautiful animal Girl, I'll out a tag on your ear SOLO Repeat verse 1 Chorus 2x's Intro riff Girl you're a beautiful animal 8x's
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