Cracker – Bicycle Saniard tab

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>From: (Steve Vetter)
>Subject: CRD: Bicycle Saniard - Cracker
>Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 19:51:56 -0400

Bicycle Spaniard - Cracker
Tabbed by (David Marley)
& Steve Vetter []

verse: C C Bm Am G
       F C G

And it's a long
     Bm Am      G
Long way to the top
                  F    C
But when you come down
It's one headlong rush

You've got an itch
To scratch the shiny bits of light
Hanging like stars
Hanging like stars

And Mary says
You're such a restless soul
My bicycle Spaniard
My magiare of coal (?)

You've got an inch to find
What's best left lost and cold
My bicycle Spaniard
My poor restless soul

When playing the lead, play riff 1 and then a G chord
twice, then riff 2 with F C G chords.

Riff1lead (simplified (there's a bit more sliding involved)):G:-6-7-6-----0-9---------|D:--------8------8-9-----| (tremolo)
Riff2play that twice, then:e-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G:-6-7-6---0-9-0--------------------------------------|D--------8-------7---7-10-----------------------------|A:-----------------8------7---8-7---------------------|E:--------------------------8-----8/10-3--------------|/ means slide....
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