Cradle Of Filth - One Final Graven Kiss tab

'One Final Graven Kiss'

from the album 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh'

transcribed by
  Nocturnal Omnipotency (

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Since this song is played on piano, there are one or two parts that are
almost impossible to play on guitar - unless you have really long fingers
- unless the key gets changed. Quite unnusually, if you play along this
tab and along the song, you will have to tune UP a half step. But if you
just play it, it sounds pretty close to the original version.

* Figure A to Figure I: clean tone arpegio, piano parts
* Figure J to Figure M: a bit of distortion, synth parts

Figure A: --------------2----------------------2-----2----------------2-----------2----------4-----------------4------------------------------2-----------------------
Figure B:--------------2----------------------2-----2----------------2-----------2----------4-----------------4----5-------------------------------------------------
Figure C:--------------2----------------------2-----2----------------2-----------2----------4-----------------4----3-------------------------------------------------
Figure D:--------------2----------------------2-----2----------------2-----------2----------4-----------------4------------------------------0-----------------------
Figure E:--------------2----------------------2-----2----------------2-----------2----------4-----------------4----4-------------------------------------------------
Figure F:-------------------------3----------2----------4----------5-------------------------
Figure G:-------------------------2----------2----------4----------4-------------------------
Figure H:-------------------------0----------2----------4----------2-------------------------
Figure I:-------------------------0---------------------0--4-------2-------------------------
Figure J:--------------------------------------------------------------------11--9--7--6--7--6--7--6--4--7-------------------------------------9---7--5--4--5--4--5--4--2--5-----------------------------------
Figure K:--------------------------------------11--14--13--14----------------------9---12--11--12--------------------
Figure L:------------------------------------7--14--13--14---------------------5--12--11--12-------------------
Figure M: |#-----|-------------------|----------------5--|--14--13--14-------|----------------3--|--12--11--12-------|--------------
Song structure: 1: Figure A * 2 Figure B * 2 Figure A * 2 Figure C * 2 2: Figure A * 2 2': Figure J Figure D * 2 Figure B * 2 Figure E * 2 Figure F * 4 Figure G * 4 Figure F * 4 Figure G * 4 Figure H * 4 Figure I * 4 3: Play 1 twice. 3': Figure K Figure L Figure K Figure M Figure K Figure L Figure K Figure M (without #) 4: Keep playing Figure A.
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