Cradle Of Filth – Death Comes Ripping tab

Artist: Cradle of Filth (C.O.F.)
Song: Death Comes Ripping (Misfits Cover)
Album: From The Cradle To Enslave(1999)
Tabber: Stefan Downey
Date: Monday, December 1st, 2003
Though this tab is a Misfits cover it is played a little differently then the
Cradle of Filth song,Hope you Enjoy this tab.

Legend: ( )= Palm Mute
         X = Number of Times

Intro: X4

Verse: X4e|-----------------------B|-----------------------G|-----------------------D|-(7)(7)(7)(7)(7)-3-2---A|-(7)(7)(7)(7)(7)-3-2---E|-(5)(5)(5)(5)(5)-1-0---
Chorus: X4e|-----------------------B|-----------------------G|77777777---------------D|77777777-8888-5555-----A|55555555-8888-5555-----E|---------6666-3333-----
Bridge: X4
Order: Intro 4X Verse 4X Intro 4X Verse 4X Chorus 4X Intro 4X Verse 4X Chorus 4X Bridge 4X Intro 8X So there it is the Death Comes Ripping tab. If you have any Suggestions comments on it just E-mail me at
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