7 Days tab with lyrics by Craig David - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Craig David – 7 Days tab

Craig David - 7 days                              tabbed by: tuluks

this is my custom version. it combines 2 guitars to 1.
this takes a lot of practice to perfect but is worth it.


E Ee|---------7-------7--------------------------------|B|---------8-------8-----7--7h8p7\5--7p5------------|G|---------9-------9----------------------7--5--4---|D|------9--------9----------------------------------|A|---7--------7-------------------------------------|E|--------------------0--------------0--------------|
Am7 Bm7e|------------3------------------5-----0-----|B|---1--------0h1--0h1--3--------3--3-----7*-| <--start again immediately after that 7*.G|---------0------------------2--------------| i know its hard but practise it.D|------2------------------4-----------------| what i do is bar the 7th fret with myA|---0------------------2--------------------| index finger then pick that 7*.E|-------------------------------------------| that makes it easier for the transition to the start.
just repeat throughout whole song. that be it mates! hope you enjoy! kid©2007™
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