Craig David – Fill Me In tab

Submitted by: Brian Edmonds
Artist: Craig David
Title: Fill Me In (Acoustic)

Standard tuning:EBGDAE
Capo: 3rd fret
Am Em7 Am/FE------------3--------------------0-B---------------0h1--0h1h0-----3--1-G------2--------------------0--0--2- D---------2-------------------------A------0--------0-------------------E--------------------0---------0--1-
Repeat with some variation of random hammering This portion of the song is picked, and used during verses. *Holding original chord shapes while picking might make it easier
After some picking, strumming is then used forthe chorus and few other selected parts of the song: Am Em7 Am/FE------0--0-----------------0---B------1--1-----0--1--0--3--1---G------2--0-----0--0--0--0--2---D------2--2-----0--0--0--0--2---A---0--0--------2--2--2--2--X---E------------0--------------1---
There are some variations in the strumming as well, listen for them. *h= hammer Chords:
Am Em7 Am/FE -0- -0- -0-B -1- -0- -1-G -2- -0- -2-D -2- -0- -2-A -0- -2- -X-E --- -0- -1-
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