Craig David - 7 Days Right Way tab

ok so everyone was putting in em for the first chord..
that is obviously wrong because it sounds so horrible
so anyway here is the right chord, or at least a more correct
substitutal chord to fill in! :D

   artist: Craig David
     song: 7 Days
tabbed by: Josh Gutierrez

e|------7-x-7----2h3p2-0-2-0------------------2---2-2-|B|------8-x-8----------------3-1-0--1-x-0h1---3-x-2h3-|G|------9-x-9-----------------------0-x-0-0---2-x-2-2-|D|----9-9-x-9-----------------------2-x-2-2---4-x-4-4-| A|--7-------------------------------0-x-0-0---2-x-2-2-|E|----------------------------------------------------|
E Am7 Bm7e|--2-2-2---2----2h3p2-0-2-0------------------2---2-2-| REPEAT A LOTB|--5-5-5-x-5----------------3-1-0--1-x-0h1---3-x-2h3-|G|--4-4-4-x-4-----------------------0-x-0-0---2-x-2-2-|D|--2-2-2-x-2-----------------------2-x-2-2---4-x-4-4-|A|--2-2-2-x-2-----------------------0-x-0-0---2-x-2-2-|E|----------------------------------------------------| THE RIGHT CHORD Am7 Bm7
sorry i had to diss the other tabs, there just so wrong :D
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