Cranberries - Empty tab version 3

This is the right way to play this song according with the live version performed 
on the DVD "The Cranberries: Live In London" 

enjoy this powerfull song! n_n


A5     xx220x  or  577x00
Abm    466444
A      002220
Am     x02210
C      01023x
G      320000
Em     022000

E|-------------------------------------|B|------0------0------0------0---------|G|----9------8------6------6-----------| (x2)D|--7------6------7------7-------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
E|-------------------------------------------------------|B|------0--0--------0--0---------0--0--------0--0--------|G|----9--9--9-----8--8--8------6--6--6-----6--6--6-------| (x2)D|--7-----------6------------7-----------7---------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
A5 Abm A A A5 Abm A A A5 Abm Something has left my life, A A5 And I don't know where it went to, ah, ha, ha. Abm A Somebody caused me strife, And it's not what I was seeking. A5 Abm Didn't you see me, didn't you hear me? A A5 Didn't you see me standing there, ah, ha, ha? Abm Why did you turn out the lights? A Did you know that I was sleeping? Am C G Say a prayer for me, eh Em Am Help me to feel the strenght, I did. C G My identity, has it been taken? Em Is my heart breakin'? Am on me C G All my plans fell thought my hands, Em They fell thought my hands Am On me C G All my dreams it suddenly seems, Em It suddenly seems, Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh
E|------------------------|B|-10-13--12-12----13--10-|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------| x3
E|----------------------|B|-10-12-8----8-10------|G|-----------------9----|D|----------------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------| (repeat this part while acoustic guitar is playing -Am C G Em-)
Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh
E|---10-12-10-----------10-12-10----------10-12-10------------------------|B|-13---------13-12--13---------13-12--13---------13-12----13-10--10-12-8-|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| x2 Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh Am C G Em Empty eh eh- eh eh- eh eh- eh eh
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