Cranberries - I Cant Be With You chords version 1

Cranberries / I Cant Be With You
transcribed by: Laszlo Ambrus -

I've tried out a few variatons on the internet, but they either did not sound good 
or were bit hard to play. I've tried my best to make it easily playable and good sounding 
What I hear is what you get :)

Chords used:
C/G |332010| (C with G in the Base - use your pinky)
G   |355433| (Barre:-)
Am  |x02210| (Regular Am)
F |xx3211| (U can use the barre formations if you want but this way it is easier)------------
C/G GLying in my bed again,
Am FAnd I cry 'cause you're not here.
C/G GCrying in my head again,
Am FAnd I know that it's not clear.
C/GPut your hands, put your hands,
G Am FInside my face and see that it's just you.
C/G GBut it's bad and it's mad and it's making me sad,
Am FBecause I can't be with you.
C/G G Am FBe with you, Be with you, Be with you, Be with you,
---------- The rest is the same all the way through. Good luck with it :)
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