Cranberries – Chocolate Brown tab

Cranberries - Chocolate brown

C(1): 010330
G4 : X3333X < It´s really 333333 but you don´t play the E strings


F Fsus4E ---------------B ---1-----------G -2---3-0-2-----D ---------------A ---------------E ---------------
F Fsus4E ---------------B ---1-----------G -2---3-0-2-----D ----------3----A ---------------E ---------------
C C(1)E ---------------B ---------------G ---0-----------D -2---3-0-2-----A ---------------E ---------------
C F C Verse F Fsus4 x2 G4 C(1) C x2 F-Fsus4-F F-Fsus4-F But i tried and i sight F G4 C(1) C you never listen to me G4 C(1) C i feel that way C F-Fsus4-F But you're so young F-Fsus4-F and you don´t see it now F G4 C(1) C i feel so guilty F-Fsus4-F and you are chocolate brown F Chocolate brown Bb i can't wait F not too long C F i will make it up to you Bb F C chocolate brown (intro) Chocolate Brown ------------------------------- Tabbed by Damian Martone That´s how it goes... cranberries fans who likes to play their songs and lives in Argentina or near... mail me at
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