Cranberries – Linger tab ver. 2


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From: (William J Seo)


Music by: The Cranberries 
Written by: N.Hogan & D.O'Riordan
From the album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (Island/PLG 1993)
Transcription by: Will Seo ( *see note at bottom


Guitar I (electric - clean/chorus/slight delay) e|------2--------2--------2--------2--------2--------2--------2--------2--|rB|----3--------3--------3--------3--------3--------3--------3--------3----|e G|--0--------0--------0--------0--------2--------2--------2--------2------|p 4D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|e XA|------------------------------------------------------------------------|aE|------------------------------------------------------------------------|t
Guitar II (acoustic) e|--2---2-(2)---------2---2-(2)---------2---2-(2)---------2---2-(2)-------|rB|------------------------------------------------------------------------|eG|--0---0-(0)---------0---0-(0)---------2---2-(2)---------2---2-(2)-------|p 4D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|e XA|------------------------------------------------------------------------|aE|------------------------------------------------------------------------|t
Guitar Ie|------2--------2--------2--------2-- c B|----3--------3--------3--------3---- hG|--0--------0--------0--------0------ o D|------------------------------------ rA|------------------------------------ dE|------------------------------------ s
Guitar IIe|--2---2-(2)---------2---2-(2)------- cB|------------------------------------ hG|--0---0-(0)---------0---0-(0)------- oD|------------------------------------ rA|------------------------------------ dE|------------------------------------ s
Chords : A6/A C/C~/C~~ G (alternate between A6 & A, C & C~ & C~~ <--- (see bottom for chord patterns) Verse ----- [chord progression: D A6/A C/C~ G] Guitar I & Guitar II - strumming Orchestration D D If you, if you could return A6/A don't let it burn A6/A don't let it fade C/C~ I'm sure I'm happier C/C~ but it's just your attitude G it's tearing me apart G it's ruining everyday D A6/A I swore, I swore I would be true A6/A but honey so did you C/C~ so why were you holding her hand C/C~ is that the way we stand G were you lying all the time G was it just a game to you Chorus ------ [chord progression: D A6/A C/C~ G (same as verse)] D But I miss you A6 A you know I'm such a fool for you C/C~ you got me wrapped around your finger G do you have to let it linger G do you have to G do you have to G D do you have to let it linger Verse ----- Guitar I - single chord strums with tremelo/echo effect Guitar II - strumming Oh, I thought I loved you I thought that nothing could go wrong but I was wrong I was wrong If you, if you could get by trying not to lie things wouldn't be so confused and I wouldn't feel so used but you always ruin you I just wanna be with you Chorus ------ and I miss you you know I'm such a fool for you you got me wrapped around your finger do you have to let it linger do you have to do you have to do you have to let it linger [Slide guitar] and I miss you you know I'm such a fool for you you got me wrapped around your finger do you have to let it linger do you have to do you have to do you have to let it linger you know I'm such a fool for you you got me wrapped around your finger do you have to let it linger do you have to do you have to do you have to let it linger
Coda----e|----2-----2-----2---2-----2------2-|rB|------3-----3---------3-----3------|eG|--0-----0-----0---2-----2-----2----|p 3D|-----------------------------------|e XA|-----------------------------------|aE|-----------------------------------|t
e|----2-----2-----2------------------|B|------3-----3----------------------|G|--0-----0-----0---2--(let ring)----|D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Chord formations: D A6 A C xxo xo xo o x o o 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII 1-IIII*I III*I* II**** II***I II*III IIII*I IIIIII IIIIII I*IIII 132 1234 123 32 1 C~ C~~ G G x o o x oox 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII 1-IIIIII II*III II*III I*IIII or I*IIII I*II*I I*IIII *IIII* *III** 32 4 32 21 4 21 34 ****************************************************************************** * This transcription is not complete. Corrections or additions are welcome. * * (i.e. C~ C~~ chords, the slide guitar part, effects/voicing, bass lines?) * * Send feedback to : * ****************************************************************************** Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 18:11:59 -0500 (EST) From: Donald Potts Subject: "Linger" by The Cranberries Date: December 1, 1996 "Linger" Performed by the Cranberries From: "Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We" Tabbed by Paula Potts at Here is the introduction to "Linger". Considerate an attachment to the "Linger" tabbed by Scott A Yanoff; I'm too lazy to put the rest of the song in:). D
e-----2-----2-----2------2-] B---3-----3-----3-----3----] G-2-----2-----0----0-------] Repeat about 2 times. D--------------------------] A--------------------------] E--------------------------]
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