Cranberries – Them tab

the Cranberries

	The only place I've found this song is on the Linger 
single CD.  It's really pretty and fairly simple, hence my 
ability to play it.

The main riff that's repeated through most of the song 
goes like this:

I think it's in 4/4, but I could be wrong Don't Bm listen to what they say D make up your mind ? walk away D don't even Bm give them the time of day D they put you wrong ? turn away D so why Bm do they all just walk away? D there was something wrong ? they didn't want to stay D why... Bm did they listen to someone else? D I did something wrong ? *Um, I have no idea waht this line is* D that attitude This part is a they all got that attitide little different. that attitude It's a rough they all got that ah-.... electric sound Don't listen to what they say Same old riff make up your mind walk away Won't " " ever happene again they've all gone wrong gone insane (?) that's why " " they all just walked away there was nothing wrong they didn't want to stay that's why " " they listened to someone else I did nothing wrong nothing... *Again, I just don't know* That's why... " " That's why... That's why... That's why... If you haven't heard the song you probably won't get it out of this since I don't know what I'm doing, but maybe it'll lead to something cool. What, I don't know. Another little tidbit comes from the dreams CD single. The song What You Were is all Am --> Em and back. Again, not real tough stuff, but I'm just a beginner. I hope this is some kind of help to someone. Jory "Always on the look-out for new Cranberries stuff" Brinkerhoff
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