Cranberries – The Icicle Melts tab

            When......when will the icicle melt

           (Aadd9)                 (Cmaj7)

0-----------------------0-----------------------| 0-----------------------0-----------------------|{GUITAR 1} 2-----------------------0-----------------------| 2-----------------------2-----------------------| 0-----------------------3-----------------------| ------------------------------------------------|
------------------------------------------------| --5-0---5-0---5-0---5-0---5-0---5-0---5-0---5-0-|{GUITAR 2} 6-----6-----6-----6-----5-----5-----5-----5-----| ------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------|
This is the verses really, but I'm pretty sure the chorus is the same but with the backwards (if you know what i mean). Guitar 1 strums chords Aadd9 and Cmaj7 continuously. 2 is tabbed out as being vertically simultaneous with guitar 1. I'm not sure if this is in the right key. Maybe using a cappo? I think it might be in time and is about 60 beats per minute. A C When When will the icicle melt A C when When will the picture show end A C I should not have read the paper today A C Cause a child, child he was taken away A Theres a place for the baby that died C A And theres a time for the mother who cried C A And she will hold him in her arms sometime C A Cause nine months is too long
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