Crash Test Dummies - Songs Of The Unforgiven tab


I love this album, but after growing
tired of trying to find any guitar tabs
for it I decided to do it myself.

Note: The notes that are bracketed
are bass notes, usually quickly played
during your transition into the next
They don't have to be played, but can
add to the song if you do.


(The note played just before the first chord)

C# F# C#

C#                    G#            C#
And when the sun goes down into the sky,

  C#                            G#
Together we shall sit and shall sup,

       A#m                            G#
And we shall eat, and drink the heady wine,

C#               F#           C#
Let us share the over-flowing cup.

(Repeat chords until...)

   A#m                              F
So let us walk and feel the cooling breeze,

  F#                         A#m
Until they're just forgotten memories.


G D Em D

G D Em C x3

G                        D
These things will be the way they will,

Em                 Am     Cm
And I will be this me.

Ends on Cm.

This is my suggested picking for
the intro and verses (barre chords):

h = Hammer on.

Dm Ge|-------------5-------3---5---3---|B|-------5h7-----6-------3---3---3-|G|-----7-----7---------------------|D|---7---------------5-------------|A|-5-------------------------------|E|-----------------3---------------|
Dm Ame|-------------5-----------3-------|B|-------5h7-----6-----3-----3---3-|G|-----7-----7-----------3-----3---|D|---7---------------7-------------|A|-5-------------------------------|E|-----------------5---------------|
Chorus: A# F C Dm A# F C Dm G Bridge after first chorus: Dm Bridge after second chorus: Dm Am Outro: Dm G (repeat until end). End on Dm. -------------------------- COME DOWN TO THE SINK HOLE -------------------------- Intro: F C E Am (G) F C E Am Am Verse: F C E Am x4 First Verse x2 Second & third Chorus: D Am Em Am D Am Em D --------------------------- IS THE SPELL REALLY BROKEN? --------------------------- Intro E B E E Verse: E B E A x4 First verse x2 For second & third. Chorus: B E (A) B A (F#) (2 measures of each chord) The chorus chords are played underneath the solo. Ending: E B E ----------------- EVERLASTING PEACE ----------------- Intro: E G#m A x 2 Verse: E G#m A F# x2 Chorus: E G#m A B Pre-Third Verse: E G#m A F# B E G#m A (F#) End on B. -------------------------------- SONNET 2 (AND BACK IN AGES PAST) -------------------------------- Intro: F C# C F Verse: F C# F A# F c# A# G# Bridge/Instrumental: F C# C F Ending: C# F A# G# F ------------------------ ThE BEGINNING OF THE END ------------------------ Intro: (Sounds better as barre chords) Dm Am E F Em Am Verse: Am Am/G Am/F# F Em Am F Am Chorus: Dm Am E F Dm Am E F Em Am
Am/G Am/F#e|--0-----0--|B|--1-----1--|G|--2-----2--|D|--2-----2--|A|-----------|E|--3-----2--|
End on Am. ------------------- YOU'VE HAD YOUR RUN ------------------- Intro: C (D) Am x2 Verse: F G C x4 Chorus: Am G C F Am G C F C F Instrumental: F G C x 4 In the final chorus the F isn't played, but it's upto you if you put it in or not. -------------- YOU'VE DONE IT -------------- Verse: D# C# G# D# x4 A# And there's no one else to turn to, D# G# There's no one else to blame, A# D# G# Suddenly you realise you've done it once again, D# G# Yeah you've done it once again. End on G#. ------------------------ THERE IS NO FINAL WINNER ------------------------ G G Em G G Em C G (Repeated until Ending...) G Em Afterall you'll never get, C G To read your own. Em G --------------------------- SONNET 3 (THE COLD IS HERE) --------------------------- Intro: E A E E A The cold is here the woods are full of snow, E B The river with its crusted banks of ice, A B Bespeak of winter drownings long ago, E A E The chest pressed tightly, as though in a vise. (Repeat until ending...) Ending: C#m A And in the graveyard cold old bones do lie, E B E And far above the stars light up the sky. --------------------- THE WICKED & THE EVIL --------------------- Intro: G A D Verse: D Bm D G x2 Chorus: G D A Bm G D A G D Happy strumming. - Nick Burgoyne.
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