Crash Test Dummies – Keep A Lid On Things chords

I was never a huge fan of this band until I heard this song.  It's really 

weird and beautiful, as is the rest of the album.  I've been messing around 

and playing this tune for years, and was surprised to find that no one had 

submitted this.  It's accurate, but I'll offer this suggestion: if you 

really want to get the sound of the organ for the verses, only play the 

fifth and octave for the B major and A major chords, and play the root and 

fifth for the Emajor.  The best way to do this is to play the B barre chord 

up at the seventh fret, then move down two frets for A, and then move back

up to the seventh fret for E.  When playing like this, *only play the two 

notes on the A and D strings for each chord.*


B Who put the doggy in the doghouse?
A EYou did, baby - you did
BWho put your granny in the grannyhouse?
A EYou did, baby - you did, baby
BWho put the mad in the madhouse?
A EYou did, baby - you did
BWho put that junk in the junkhouse?
A AYou did, baby - you did, baby
CHORUS: (for the chorus, rather than just playing the two notes for each chord, play each full chord).
C#min EKeep your eye on things while I'm gone
BKeep a lid on things
C#min ADon't you try everything while I'm gone
BKeep a lid on things
That's it. Repeat until the end.
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