Crash Test Dummies - A Worms Life chords

These are the Chords to "A Worm's Life" as best as I can figure 'em.

All are bar chords, except fot the chorus.

Chords are with guitar tuned down one step.
Intro (one bar each)

G# A# (A#sus, for the last two beats, if you're keen) 

G# A# (played sans bottom finger, with bar on the first fret)Verses
G# A# 1. Though you think me cold and slimy 2. Sometimes it's too hot for cooking 3. Then I was plucked from the wet slime G# A# E (played on 7th fret) I've got a nice home.... One wants just a salad... And dropped in tequila... F (8th fret) A# Tasted your best guacamole And then comes the breeze in the evening I lay in a stupor for some time G# A# A#sus C (bottom finger off) and siesta'd at noon in the cool of the soil. (Chorus) And men light cigars and the scent fills the air. (Chorus) Then one fine night I was gulped down in a shot. (Chorus) CHORUS E C A A worm's life can be easy E C A If he lay low out of sight BRIDGE(Instrumental part, 1 bar each) G# A# F A# E C A D G Am Then the rains come, and the ground fills with water And I must come up to the surface for air (to verse 3.) Outro (One bar each) E C A A E C Asus A
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