Crash Test Dummies – The Voyage chords

The Voyage

Crash Test Dummies (Brad Roberts)

From the album, "The Ghosts That Haunt Me"

(voclal intro)

A        B       E

It may be that I like to

A   B               E

But I won't fall in love with you.

B                  A            E

We won't spend the rest of our lives together

A                  B           E

But anyway couldn't we go on a trip together


        A          B               E

        We could go to the British islands

Darling, each morning, when   we   woke up

        After that we could go to Yugoslavia

        A        B                        E

    And hike      around the Scottish highlands

        We'd have bisquites and tea from a tea cup

        Oh, how I would love to travel    with ya

        B                       A               E

    The youth hotels they have  there would be perfect for us

        People might  think that we were on our honey moon

        We don't   have   to    be wife and     husband

        A                  B                  E

  Cause we're both youths, so they    would     really suite us

        But we'd know better even though we'd slept in the same room

     To take    a      trip     across the     ocean

(refr. after 1st and 3rd verse)

        Cm      A            E     E

        Cm      A            E     E

(refr. after 2nd verse)

        B                   A

        We could live right out of our back packs

        E                             B

        We'd send our parents lots of trinkets and knick-knacks

                  Cm                A

        Trough the post and across the sea


        Back to our own country


        Cm        A         E      E

        Cm        A         E      E


    A        B         E        Cm


  577655   799877    X79997   X46654
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