Crash Test Dummies – Afternoons & Coffeespoons tab

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 Please excuse errors in the lyrics. I have this on second-generation 
 cassette, so unfortunately I have to guess what is being sung.
 (capo on third fret)
 Intro:  D       G  D       G  Asus4      A
 D               A               D          G              G A
 What is it that makes me just a little bit queasy
 D                     A                  D      G         G A
 There's a breeze that makes my breathing not so easy
 F           Bb                     C
 I've had my lungs checked out with X-rays
 F                Bb       C                 Dm        Bbsus2**
 I've smelled the hospital hallways
 (**Sorry. Not really sure if this is what you call this chord. Basically 
 play a Bb, but play the C note on the second string, not the D note.)
 D       G         D                 A
 Someday I'll have    a disappearing hairline
 D       G         D                 A             G      A
 Someday I'll wear    pajamas in the daytime
 D              A                D       G             G  A
 Times when the day seems like a play by Sartre
 D               A                D       G            G  A
 When it seems a book burnings in perfect order
 F          Bb          C
 I gave the doctor my description
 F             Bb             C                Dm      Bbsus2
 I've tried to stick to my prescription
 D       G          D                 A
 Someday I'll have     a disappearing hairline
 D       G          D                 A
 Someday I'll wear     pajamas in the daytime
 G       D
 Oh, oh, oh, oh              (or something to that effect)
 A    D             G
 Afternoons will be measured out
 Bm               G
 Measured out and measured with
 A     D               G                 G  A
 Coffeespoons and T.S. Eliot
 (The remaining verse and chorus repeat the same chord progression)
 Maybe if I could do a play-by-playback
 I could change the test results that I would get back
 I've watched a summer evening pass by
 I've heard the rattle in my bronchi
 Hope you can follow this.
 Ben McTernan
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