Crash – Fidelity tab

The Crash - Fidelity

Riff1 Riff2E-----------0-5-2--|--2-0---------|B-----0-2-3--------|------3-2-----|G-0-2--------------|----------2---|D------------------|------------4-|
verse: Bm D G D D4 D/C# Boo! Morning grey. Sober up today Bm D G D D4 D/C# Feel this pouring rain, it's the deepest sea on earth Bm D G Gmaj7 Riff1 Hear this crying wind, it's the sadest song I've heard -wings are growing on her chorus: Bm D Bm F#m G Riff1 Oh, Fidel, I know. Your princess has gone with the flow Bm D Bm F#m G Riff2 Oh, Fidel, I know. Angels they form into snow verse Cool everything and you'll hear her sing Here we live to see all loves oddities You pray for foreign gods to bring your love to you -hear him bouncing the doors chorus chorus (1st line accoustic) Bm My princess, my angel, my everything, my honey pie, oh why? --
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