Crazy 8s - Security Blanket tab

Crazy 8's - Security Blanket
Nick (

Song: Security Blanket
Band: Crazy 8's

Play w/ medium dist. using ska-ish muting (not regular p.m.)

Intro Riff:

  E           B             D               A

E|-7-x-7777x---7-x-7777x-----5-xx-5-xx-5-x---5-xx-5-xx-5-x---|B|-9-x-9999x---7-x-7777x-----7-xx-7-xx-5-x---5-xx-5-xx-5-x---|G|-9-x-9999x---8-x-8888x-----7-xx-7-xx-5-x---6-xx-6-xx-6-x---| rpt. 2xD|-9-x-9999x---9-x-9999x-----7-xx-7-xx-5-x---7-xx-7-xx-7-x---|A|-7-x-7777x---9-x-9999x-----5-xx-5-xx-5-x---7-xx-7-xx-7-x---|E|-7-x-7777x---7-x-7777x-----5-xx-5-xx-5-x---5-xx-5-xx-5-x---|
Verse 1: Strumming Pattern:
E B D AE|-7-xxxxxx---7-xxxxxx-----5-xxxxxx---5-xxxxxx--------------|B|-9-xxxxxx---7-xxxxxx-----7-xxxxxx---5-xxxxxx--------------|G|-9-xxxxxx---8-xxxxxx-----7-xxxxxx---6-xxxxxx--------------|D|-9-xxxxxx---9-xxxxxx-----7-xxxxxx---7-xxxxxx--------------|A|-7-xxxxxx---9-xxxxxx-----5-xxxxxx---7-xxxxxx--------------|E|-7-xxxxxx---7-xxxxxx-----5-xxxxxx---5-xxxxxx--------------|
E B One fifty-five, PM after school D A I look at her and start to drule E B She embraces me and gives me a kiss D A I swear that she's my ticket to bliss Chorus:
E B A F#E|-00000---22222---0000---22222------|B|-00000---44444---2222---22222------|G|-11111---44444---2222---33333------|D|-22222---44444---2222---44444------|A|-22222---22222---0000---44444------|E|-00000---22222---0000---22222------|
E B She's my security blanket A F# Without her I don't think I'd make it E B My source of confidence A F# My giver of happiness Verse 2: E B In the halls getting pushed around D A Why are all the kids so loud E B Just when I think my luck’s run out D A She embraces and erases my doubt Bridge:
E|--7-xx--------7-xx-------5-xx-------5-xx-------- B|--9-xx--9-10--7-xx--7-9--7-xx--9-7--5-xx--7-5---G|--9-xx--------8-xx-------7-xx-------6-xx-------- rpt.D|--9-xx--------9-xx-------7-xx-------7-xx--------A|--7-xx--------9-xx-------5-xx-------7-xx--------E|--7-xx--------7-xx-------5-xx-------5-xx--------
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