Cream – Dance The Night Away tab

BAND: Cream
SONG: Dance the Night Away
ALBUM: Disraeli Gears


Guitar 1:e|--------------------------|B|---------------------7----|G|----------5--------7---7--| x 2D|-------5---------7--------|A|-0--7--------7/9----------|E|--------------------------|
Guitar 2:e|----------12-------------14-------|B|-------13-------------15----15----|G|----12-------------14----------14-| x 2D|-14----------14/16----------------|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Chords Used: Dm Em Am F E D C Be|-1-------0-----------2-------2--------|B|-3-------1---1---0---3---1---4--------|G|-2---0---2---2---1---2---0---4--------|D|-----2---2---3---2-------2---4--------|A|-----2-------3---2-------3------------|E|--------------------------------------|
(VERSE 1) Dm Em Am Gonna build myself a castle (riff 1) Dm Em Am High up in the clouds Dm Em Am There'll be skies outside my window F Em Dm E Lose these streets and crowds E D C B Am D Am D Dance the night away (VERSE 2) Dm Em Am Will find myself an ocean Dm Em Am Sail into the blue Dm Em Am Live with golden swordfish F Em Dm E Forget the time of you E D C B Am D Am D Dance the night away (VERSE 3) Dm Em Am Dance myself to nothing Dm Em Am Vanish from this place Dm Em Am Gonna turn myself to shadow F Em Dm E So I can't see your face E D C B Am D Am D Dance the night away
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