Creed Bratton - Rubber Tree chords

Creed Bratton - The Rubber Tree

This song was released on the album "Bounce Back" by The Office's Creed Bratton.

This song is in Eb, but I've written out the chords for standard tuning for 
simplicity. Tune your guitar a half step flat to play along with the record.


G Am C G (x2)


G Am C G Wind it up, bounce back, do the rubber tree (x2)
G Am C G In Indonesia there's a thousand snakes that'll paralyze in a heartbeat
G Am C G But out the floor they got a brand new dance that'll surely kill ya called the rubber tree
G Am C G You gotta Wind it up, they'll bounce back, do the rubber tree (x2)
C G D G You gotta wind it up til you cool down, spring back the second time around (x2)
Just improvise over the bridge and then the intro chords for the two solos. Tabbed by D. Carico
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