Creed - Time tab

Time - Creed

Tabbed by Tom

Standard Tuning

This isn't the all the pickings that Tremonti does I don't think.  I managed to pick up 
high melody and the sort of bass line he picks at the same time.

The intro probably changes a little when it becomes the verse but it will be subtle 
from the intro so if it sounds wrong when you're half way through a verse, try the immediate 
next to the one you're on instead.

E|-------7-----5---------10----------------------------|B|5--8-----8-----8---7-------8-----7-7-5----5-0--------| G|--------------------------------------------- 7-7-5-| (example of theD|-----------------------------------------------------| subtle changes)A|7-7-7-7-7-7-5-5-5-5-5-5-------------------5-5--------|E|-----------------------8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-----------|
Chorus (Easy Strumming pattern to figure out) Suggested fingering for Cadd9 E|3 B|3 G|0 D|2 A|3 E| G Em This time I have nothing left to lose Dsus2 I'm stuck the second hand wont move Cadd9 Its about time that I speak my mind Its about time, about time to find Repeat but after the first "Hey time you're no friend of mine" let Cadd9 ring. Bridge
This bit wil change throughout, but once again, subtle changes, easy to figure out Repeat this until the chords for the bridge come in. Slide down just before this kicks in The chord changes are very obvious in this part so I won't put in the lyrics and drag it out. E|5 5 5 5 B|8 5 5 /7 /8 /7 5 8 12 14 G|7 7 7 7 7 x x D|5 7 2 /4 /5 /4 7 5 5 7-9-9-10-7 10 12 A| 5 5 5 5 E| Repeat this and then play the chorus then play this twice again. Then back to the picked part of the bridge. Any problems then please get in touch with a PM
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