Creed - Dont Stop Dancing Acoustic chords version 1

Pretty much my favorite song from creed. Ive been looking at the tabs on here and 
thought the chords to this sond were way off so heres what i think.

G Gsus2(maj7) CAt times life is wicked and i just can se the light.
G Gsus2(maj7) C A silver lining sometimes isnt enought to make some wrong seem right.
G Gsus2(maj7) C Whatever life bring, ive been through everything, now im on my knees.
Am C But i know i must go on, although i hurt i must be strong,
Em Cbecause inside i know that many feel this way~~~~
G Gsus2(maj7) C GChildren, dont stop dancing, believe~~ you can fly~~
A Caway, away
Hope u like it, first tab but been playing guitar for 8 years...
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