Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sweet Hitch-hiker tab

Sweet Hitch-Hiker
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Tabbed by rodeoclown89

INTRO: Pick scratch down the strings into D

D				   G
Was Ridin' along side the highway, rollin' up the country side.
D				   G
Thinkin' I'm the devil's heatwave, what you burn in your crazy mind?
D	     C	        G
Saw a slight distraction standin' by the road;
C		       A
She was smilin' there, yellow in her hair;
Do you wanna, I was thinkin', would you care. 


riff 1				riff 2

E|------------------------| E|------------------------|B|------------------------| B|----------15~~----------|G|-14~-12-12-14-----------| G|--12-14-----------------|D|------------------------| D|------------------------|A|------------------------| A|------------------------|E|------------------------| E|------------------------|
A (Riff 1) Sweet Hitch-a-Hiker, G D (Riff 2) We could make music at the Greasy King. A (Riff 1) Sweet Hitch-a-Hiker, G (Riff 2) Won't you ride on my fast machine? VERSE: D G Cruisin' on thru the junction, I'm flyin' 'bout the speed of sound, D G Noticin' peculiar function, I ain't no roller coaster show me down. D C G I turned away to see her, Woah! she caught my eye, C A But I was rollin' down, movin' too fast; D Do you wanna, She was thinkin' can it last. CHORUS SOLO during D C G C A D
VERSE: D G Was busted up along the highway, I'm the saddest ridin' fool alive. D G Wond'ring if you're goin' in my way, won't you give a poor boy a ride? D C G Here she comes a ridin', Lord, She's flyin' high. C A But she was rollin' down, movin' too fast; D Do you wanna, She was thinkin' can I last. CHORUS: x3 and Fade 'Keep on Chooglin'
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