Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising chords

Verse intro:

D(2) A(2) G(2) D

D(2)= x x x 11 10 10

A(2)= x x x 9 10 9

G(2)= x x x 7 8 7  

Verse 1:

D A G DI see a bad moon rising
D A G DI see trouble on the way
D A G DI see earthquakes and lightning
D A G DI see bad times today
G Don't go around tonight
D'Cause it's bound to take your life
A G DThere is a bad moon on the rise
(Verse intro) Verse 2:
D A G DI hear hurricanes a blowing
D A G DI know the end is coming soon
D A G DI fear rivers overflowing
D A G DI hear the voice of rage and ruin
(Chorus) (solo) Verse 3:
D A G DHope you got your things together
D A G DHope you are quite prepared to die
D A G DLooks like we're in for nasty weather
D A G DOne eye is taken for an eye
(Chorus) X2
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