Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi chords

I know this isnt right, but it sounds alot better to me on acoustic. Plus its alot 
easier for us beginners to play. I play a lot of my stuff by ear, and I cant read 
music. But here it goes... enjoy.

G  C  G  Em  Am  G

G C G Just about a year ago I set out on the road
Em Am DSeekin' my fame and fortune And looking for a pot of gold
G Em C GThings got bad, Things got worse I Guess you know the tune
Em C G Oh lord, stuck in Lodi again
I rode in on a grey hound I'll be walking out if I go I was just passing through Must be seven months or more Ran out of time and money Looks like they took my friends Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again The man from the magazine Said I was on my way Somewhere I lost connection Ran out of songs to play Came into town on a one night stand Looks like my plans fell through Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again
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