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Creeper Lagoon – Under The Tracks tab

Under the Tracks by Creeper Lagoon
tabbed by : andresmh89
march 14, 2007

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Under the Tracks 
album : Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday
Included on the OC movie soundtrack (2002)

this is the complete tab of this song

Chords used:

D:       xx0232
G:       320033            
Bm:      x24432
A:       x02220
Em:      022000
Em7:     022030
D/F#:    2x0232


b  =  bend
h  =  hammer on
p  =  pull-off
v  =  vibrato
s  =  slide
stf=  slide to fade

tuning : standard ( E tuning)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Intro and verse parts (acoustic guitar)

D G Bm Bm Ae|----2-2-------3-3--------2-2-----2-----0----------------|B|----3-3-------0-0--------3-3-----3-----2----------------|G|-2--2-2-------0-0--------4-4-----4-----2----------------|D|-0--0-0-------0-0--------4-4-----4-----2----------------|A|-----------2--2-2-----2--2-2---2-----0------------------|E|-----------3--3-3---------------------------------------|
alternative intro
D G Bme|----2-2-------3-3--------2-2----------------------------|B|----3-3-------0-0--------3-3----------------------------|G|-2--2-2-------0-0--------4-4------4-----2---------------|D|-0--0-0-------0-0--------4-4----------------------------|A|-----------2--2-2-----2--2-2---2-----0------------------|E|-----------3--3-3---------------------------------------|
intro (fill#1) (0:11 - 0:21) (while an electric guitar is doing a slow arpeggio with the same notes of the intro)
D G Bm Bm Ae|------2-----5------0-2----------------------------------|B|----3----0----------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
D G Bm Bm Ae|----0--2----5------0-2----------2---0---0---------------|B|---------3---------------------------------3------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Fill#2 1:02, 2:05, 2:16, 3:24, 3:35, 3:45
Fill#3 2:49, 3:00
ARPEGGIO FOR VERSES AND SOLOS (However you can use any arpeggio with this chords: D G Bm and A) D G Bm Bm A
Verse 1 D G Bm There is a place, it has a face Bm A D G Bm Bm A and he was walking out the door D G Bm his mother said she was ashamed Bm A D G Bm Bm A cuz he had no place to go Fill#1 D G Bm he was afraid and i was fine Bm A D G Bm Bm A he wanted peace of mind Chorus: G Three times done D and you're gone, and you're gone Bm you are free, you are free A it's a long way home (Fill#2) G what have we done? D was it wrong, was it wrong? Bm was it me? can't you see? A it's a long way home (Fill#2) solo 1:14, 2:33 13b11 : bend (but not play) 11 th note to 13 th and pick the note when you release the bend
D G Bm Bm A D Ge|--------------------------------------------------------|B|---13b11*--------------------------------7h8--7---------|G|-----------7vv------7---9-9-11--7----------------9-----5|D|---------------7h9---------------------------------7h9--|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Bm Bm A De|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------|D|--7h9------9stf-----5p0-4p0-----------------------------|A|-------5---------------------------0--------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 2: (same as verse 1) ~ Don't forget use the arpeggio and also the intro parts ~ there is a snake, he will awake and he will get you off the floor you'll start to shake, you're friends will sweat you are high, you will forget (Fill#1) she is afraid cuz you are dying but you have got your peace of mind (Chorus) Brigde 1: Em7 A D and i wanna make your dreams come true G (D/F#) it's all you Em A gotta change your lonely ways D to make it through (solo) Verse 3: (same as the other two verses) you found a place in outer space and you don't love anymore (Fill#3) your lovely hand has slipped away and there is nothing left to say (Fill#3) (fill#1) and we were born of yellow sand there is no plan, there is no end (chorus) G All along D I was wrong, I was wrong Bm it was me, can't you see? A it's a long way home (Fill#2) Bridge 2: G D it took a million lights to see her smile Bm but don't touch, it's too much A G she'll break it and she'll send you home (Fill#2) D afraid of love, afraid you might get hurt Bm well good luck, don't get stuck A turn around before you can't break up... Outro (Final Solo)
D G Bm Bm Ae|--------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------7vv---7h8p7--8--10--10b12r10-8-7h8---------|G|-----7h9-7h9----9-------------------------------9--7vv--|D|-7h9----------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
D G Bm Bm A De|---------------------------------------------2----------|B|------10-----10vv----------------------------3----------|G|--7h9----7h9------7----6p4-------------------2----------|D|--------------------9--------7------4p0-0-2--0----------|A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
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