Croce Jim – Time In A Bottle tab ver. 2

1971- time in a bottle. jim croce
 sorry that the chord anmes seem a little crazy, but i thought i would use the proper 
ill make a chord chart at the bottom  :)
 Intro  [Dm     [Dm/C#  [Dm/C  [G7/B
        [Bb6    [A7  Gm [A7 A7sus4addb6 A7(no3rd)
        [A7b9  Dm11/A  A7(no3rd)  ]

Verse 1
 Dm          Dm/C#             Dm/C   G7/B
If I could save_____ time in a bottle
   Bb6                  A7   Gm
The first thing that Id like to do
(A7 A7sus4addb6 A7(no3rd) / A7b9 Dm11/A A7(no3rd))
     Dm           Dm/C
Is to save ev'ry-day
       Bb6         Gm*      Dm/F
Till e-ternity pass -es away
        Gm*              A7  G/B A7(no3rd) A7
Just to spend them with you

Verse 2
 Dm             Dm/C#         Dm/C  G7B
If I could make days last for-ever
  Bb6                   A7  Gm
If words could make wishes come
A7 A7sus4addb6 A7(no3rd) A7b9 Dm11/A A7(no3rd)
  Dm          Dm/C
Id save every day
        Bb6         Gm*
like a treasure and then,
 Dm/F           Gm*              A7 G/B 
Again, I would spend them with you

         D               D/C#
But there never seems to be enough time
  Bm7                D/A                 G
To do the things you wanna to do once you find them
( Dadd9/F# [ Em7    [ A7 G/B 
    D             D/C#
Ive looked around enough to know
     Bm7             D/A                G
That youre the one I want to go through time with
( Dadd9/F#  [Em7  [A7 G/B 

Interlude:  Reapeat intro

Verse 3
 Dm        Dm/C#        Dm/C  G7/B
If I had a box just for wishes
   Bb6                 A7    Gm
And dreams that had never__ come
A7 A7sus4addb6 A7(no3rd) A7b9 Dm11/A A7(no3rd)
     Dm           Dm/C
The box would be empty
  Bb6          Gm*       Dm/F
Except for the memory of how
            Gm*         A7 G/B A7(no3rd) A7
They were anserwed by you.

 Repeat Chorus

Outro  [ Dm(add9)  [          ]]  x3

  Chords     Dm(xx0231) Dm/C#(x4x231) Dm/C(x3x231) 
 A7(x02020) Gm(3x03xx) A7sus4addb6(x03030) A7(no3rd)(x05050) A7b9(x08080)

Dm11/A(x07060) Gm*(3x033x) Dm/F(1x023x) G/B(x2003x) 
D/C#(x4x232) Bm7(x2x232) D/A(x00232) G(320033) 
  sorry if the chords are messed up at all. its har dot go abck and fix them on this 
cause it types over hwatu already have:S    but im pretty sur ei got them all anyways,   
you enjoy,   cody ward
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