Crosby Stills And Nash – Just A Song Before I Go chords

Capo on 2nd fret, so this is really F#m, C#m7, etc. H/T Harlan L. Thompson

Em Bm7 Just a song before I go
Cmaj7 Asus2To whom it may concern.
Em Bm7 Trav'ling twice the speed of sound
Cmaj7 Asus2It's easy to get burned.
G Fmaj7When the shows were all over
Am7 Bm7We had to get back home.
G Fmaj7When we opened up the door
Am7I had to be alone.
She helped me with my suitcase. She stands before my eyes. Driving me to the airport And to the friendly skies. Going through security I held her for so long. She finally looked at me in love And she was gone. Just a song before I go. A lesson to be learned. Trav'ling twice the speed of sound, It's easy to get burned.
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