Crosby Stills And Nash - Pre-road Downs chords

 "Pre-Road Downs"(Graham Nash)
  from "Crosby, Stills,And Nash"(1969)

  Intro: A E | A E| D  |(w/backwards guitar)
(A) E A I have kissed you So I'll miss you
E A On the road I'll be wantin' you
E A But I have you `cause I love you
E A (E) And you have me `cause you love me too(Yeah)
Intro Felt forsaken, you'll awaken to the joys of livin'hand in love, and then I will lend you my will, and your days will be filled with love Chorus:
Bm A F#m E Don't run the time approaches
Bm A F#m E hotels and midnight coaches
Bm A F#m E (D) be sure to hide the roaches
Solo: | A E A E D X2 | E D C#m A E | Felt rejected, as expected, you rejected all the thoughts of worth so I'll pray,with you,to stay with me forever, and we'll make it work (whoa-oh) Solo 2 (same progression) Elevated,you're elated, ` cause I've waited a year for you, if you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin' then I'm gonna make my love to you, whoa-oh-oh! (Chorus), solo over intro progression Coda: E D D/C# A E (end cold on E)
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