Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Run From Tears tab

Run from Tears  

        G                         A
I don't run from tears, that's my weakness.
      G                                          A
But I know you still love me, though you don't believe it.

      Am                            F#m7 
And I never thought that you were a loser
     Am                        F#m7
Only didn't hear enough of the songs.
     Am                           F#m7
Everything was always going to be smoother
       Am                         F#m7
All we needed was some time left alone.

G  A  G  A  G  A
G         A    G  A  G        A      G  A
Something special    is in me dying

Are you punishing me for my weakness
When you know about me girl, I cannot be beaten down too far.

And I didn't mean to take you for granted
Only knew that it felt good at home.
But you left me so disenchanted
I was blind of course until you were gone.

I'm drowning,I'm fighting
Something special is in me dying

There's an empty place in my bed,
And my heart is beating against my head.

    Em7           A
The blood rushing through my veins
          Em7                 A        G  A  G  A  G  A
Becomes a flood of tears once again.

by: José Duarte
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