Crosby Stills Nash And Young - You Are Alive tab

You Are Alive 

Intro: E   A  (2X)

E                     G#m                  A
When you know there's someone you can talk to
          E              G#m               A
And she's waiting by the door when you get home
         E           G#m              A
With her hand she'll caress away your worries
         F               E  
You are alive I hope you know 
That you're alive

            E               G#m             A
When you're waiting for her standing by the doorway
         E                 G#m              A
And your heart is laughing as she turns the key
        E           G#m             A
Here it comes again always the same feeling
         F              E
You are alive and so is she

C#m              Bm 
Do you know what life would be without her?
C#m              Bm
Do you know what loneliness can be?
       A                         Gm            F
You'll die by yourself only with someone else, why?

Instrumental (Harmonica)

When it's all a game and there is no pleasure
And you're just like all the rest cannot see
And you're feeling like there's no more point in searching
Are you alive? How could it be
Are you alive? I'd like to see
If you're alive


by: Josť Duarte
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