Crosby Stills Nash And Young – My Favourite Changes tab

My Favourite Changes  

Intro: G

G                           Dm           
This is my favourite set of changes 
             F                C
Already good for a couple of songs
                Am                               G
Thought I might play them one more time and over again

G                       Dm           
Makes me go back to the trouble I got into 
 F                C                          Am
Tryin' to live up to what they said I lucked into
At twenty-five

    C                          Em7                      G
And this part reminds me of my lady, she loves me she's waitin' at home
    C                       Em7                               G
And the baby she's makin' I tell you it's frightenin' how she trusts me so
    C                        Em7                      G
And all of the sad times the bitter taste left by the struggle to grow
Must my baby know the blues

So if you're still listenin' I hope you'll remember
The kid with the big white guitar
And all the sad stories to tell

I think it's high time I went home she'll be worryin' and missin' me so
How long can I let it drive me crazy this music won't let me go
But here I stand tryin' so hard to find one more clever line
For this song of mine but I can't seem to find
Anything that will rhyme with my favourite changes

by: José Duarte
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