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                     Another Sleep Song    (Graham Nash)

     C#m                        B     A
     All I need is someone to awaken me

      B                               C#m
     Much of me has gone to sleep and I'm afraid to wake up

      C#m                             B              A
     Shake me by the shoulder if I'm lying with you now

     When I talk about the time I sleep away

    E          G#m              C#m  /  /  /  B  /  A  /  B  /  /  /
     When it's hard to face the day

     C#m                                  B     A
     When I think of all the love that's taken me

      B                            C#m
     How much do I get to keep and how much should I give up

     C#m                               B            A
     Shake me by the shoulders if I'm lying to you now

          B                               E
     I'm listening to the lies inside my head

             G#m              C#m  /  /  /  B  /  A  /  B  /  /  /
     Who can hurt you in your bed

     G#m                         A
     Fear of other people is a thing I hate

       G#m                        A
     I travel in a bubble and I can't relate

     G#m                     A
     Something is happening to my head

        G#m                          A                     C#m
     I don't want to hurt you but I never heard a word you said

     C#m                             B     A
     Has this empty hollow heart forsaken me

        B                                        C#m
     I wonder if I'll ever get to feel like I did,  before I grew up

      C#m                              B              A
     Shake me by the shoulders if I'm lying with you now

     There is no time to waste another day

    E        G#m            C#m  /  /  /  B  /  A  /  B  /  /  /
     Cos we watch them fly away

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Written by:         Mick Anderson

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