Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Clear Blue Skies tab

		Clear Blue Skies - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Tabbed by:deHufter


Chords used: C D G Bm7 Bm Em7e|--0---2---3---2---2---7--------|B|--1---3---3---3---3---8--------|G|--0---2---0---2---4---7--------|D|--2---0---0---4---4---9--------|A|--3-------2---2---2---7--------|E|----------3--------------------|
Intro: C D G Bm7 G Bm7 Verse: G Bm7 G Bm7 Clear blue skies, not too much to ask for, C D They were here before we came, G Will they be here when we're gone? G Bm7 G Bm7 Clean water, not too much to hope for, C D It's the basis of our lives G And without it we are done. Chorus: (G) Em7 G Well we can keep our eyes upon the skies C G And see how the time goes by Em7 G Or we can find our fears among the tears C Bm D G That fall when the meadows cry, cry cry. Instrumental part of verse Repeat chorus G Bm7 G Bm7 Clear ideas, much too much to think of. C D We need all the help we can get C D we need all the time that we've got C D we need all the love we can give, Then G Bm7 part again.
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