Crosby Stills Nash And Young – Lady Of The Island tab

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Lady Of The Island
Written by Graham Nash.
from the Album : Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)
Tabbed by Itay Greenberg (

Notes: i know its not the 100% correct version,
the album version requires alternate tuning (Eb)
but this is the way i play the song.

standard tuning

Chords used:

  Eb     : x688xx
  Eb\D   : x588xx
  Cm     : x35543
  G#m    : 466444
  Gm     : 355333
  Fm     : 133111
  E      : 022100
  EaddBb : 022300


Eb                      Eb\D

Holding you close, undisturbed before a fire,

    Cm                                    G#m

The pressure in my chest when you breathe in my ear;

    Gm                              Fm

We both knew this would happen when you first appeared,

Gm          Fm

My lady of the island.

verse 2 (same as above)

The brownness of your body in the fire glow
Except the places where the sun refused to go.
Our bodies were a perfect fit,
in afterglow we lay, 
My lady of the island.

  E     EaddBb   E    EaddBb        E       EaddBb    Eb

Letting myself wander through the world inside your eyes

  E      EaddBb       E      EaddBb   E     EaddBb    Eb

You know I'd like to stay here until every tear runs dry.

Harmony part:

Eb / F# / Cm / G#m / Gm / Fm / Gm / Fm

Gm         Fm
My lady of the island.

verse 3:

Eb                              Eb\D

Wrapped around each other in the peeping sun,

Cm                                    G#m

Beams of sunshine light the stage,  the red light's on.

    Gm                            Fm

I never want to finish what I've just begun with you,

    Gm      Fm

My lady of the island.

Harmony part 2 :

Gm / Fm / Gm / G#m

End on Eb.
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