Crosby Stills Nash And Young - Everybody I Love You tab

Everybody I Love You 

D               A 
Know you got to run,
D               E
Know you got to hide
D                A
Still there is a great life
D                 E
Lingerin' deep within your eyes.

Open up, open up, 
Baby let me in.
You expect for me to love you
D                          A         G#  F#  E   D             
When you hate yourself, my friend.  (lalalalalalala)(2X)

D  A  D E

E             A    
Everybody, I love you
E            A7   D
Everybody, I do

Though your heart is in anger
I need your love to get through
When I tell you I love you
You can believe that it's true

Everybody, I love you
Everybody, I do.

By: José Duarte
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