Cross Canadian Ragweed - Broken tab version 3

Song: Broken
Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed

Intro                                    fill

e-------------------------------3---| ----------------------|b-0-1-1s3-1s3-1-1-0-1-1s3-1s3-1-3---| ----------------------|g-0-2-2s4-2s4-2-2-0-2-2s4-2s4-2-0---| x2-----------------------|d---------------2---------------0---| ----------------------|a---------------0---------------2---| --0-2-3-2-0-----------|e-------------------------------3---| ------------3---------|
Am G Am G Am Ain't it true what they say G Every dog has his day Am I never had mine G I guess it was time Am Send me on down the line D G One piece at a time Fill She got her way I bet it made her day Through me off to the side Took me out for a ride Kicked me down to the curb Now for all that it's worth I'm lookin' to find One that's broken like mine Fill Chorus: C Broken like mine G Or some piece of mind Am I'll be happy when I find D A love less unkind G Broken like mine Fill+intro I wish I was in her shoes With nothin' left to lose Carry myself down To the lonely side of town Tell her just how I feel I need something now that's real Don't you tell me that love is blind A heart ain't got that kind of time Unless it's broken like mine Chorus Chorus Tabbed by Mischa bovendeert 09-03-2011 (will add solo later,still have to figure it out), and please check out my band dirty heritage!! rock on \m/
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